The Big Plan!
Hope to offer small group guided tours to display the Isles wildlife and scenic diversity.
If wildlife is your thing, we have birds in abundance - a lot of shy deer and otters that refuse to come out on time. Patience is everything. We have insects - from the midge, cleg - these are the bad sort of insects - to rare yellow bumble bees and dragonflies. 

Wild flowers throughout the summer on the machair.

As we are surrounded by sea, dolphins can be seen from vantage points at  certain times. 
I will supply spotting scope and binoculars for client use. I have spare cameras as well. In the long term I would hope to offer disabled/wheelchair access, all people welcome and all clients will be treated with courtesy and respect.

In the future I will be looking to sell prints - limited editions only and small runs.

Some birds were photographed on the mainland, but those will be placed in different galleries.